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Our short story.

Encouraged by every existing temple in India and combining spiritual teachings with daily life, Adam and Helen dreamed of a place where they could practice what inspired them and give all the students and yoga community transformative adventure with teaching scholars and yoga leaders of the highest importance.

In 2008, their student Michael suggested his own dream of founding a yoga studio. So, the three were ready for changes and recognized that their joint skills, expertise, and passion would let them turn their dream into reality. The ATTA yoga studio opened its doors in 2009.

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Meet our team.

  • Andrew Shimmer photo

    Adam Thorn

    Studio Owner

    Opening, practicing, and teaching at ATTA has extremely improved my life experience. I highly appreciate every day that I can spend with our friendly community of respectful students and professional teachers.

  • Ann Maisner photo

    Helen Thorn

    Studio Co-Owner, Private Teacher

    I have been professionally practicing yoga since 2003. I've opened Yogamaya to care for and share what I love – Kirtan, Asana, Bhakti. My teaching is fun, enthusiastic, and stimulative. I can help find the balance of your mind and body.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Lillie Fleming

    Instructor: Vinyasa, Yin

    Lillie is the soul of our team. Her basic yoga classes are focused on moving with the right breath. The breath is the basis. She is a very confident teacher and her smile is infectious. She is committed to helping people find their mind and body balance.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Peter Alvarado

    Instructor: Ashtanga Led, Meditation

    Peter started his yoga practice at an early age. His older sister was his first teacher. They practiced Meditation yoga from books they could ever find. Today Peter is recognized as one of the world's leading yoga practitioners and instructors.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Emily Stone

    Senior Instructor: Yoga Basics, Prenatal

    Emily is a certified yoga teacher, with expertise in teaching students of all ages. Emily makes learning yoga basics fun but overwhelm-free.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Ann Doherty

    Instructor: Vinyasa, Yin

    Ann’s life has changed from the first time she stepped on a yoga mat. Now she is a senior yoga instructor with 20 years of experience. She strives to make yoga available to people of all fitness levels.

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Meet yourself.

ATTA consists of yoga practitioners from all walks of life. They are ingrained in training, based on self-study and inspired by verity and opportunity. We are committed to our passion for asana, kirtan, and spiritual teachings all in one place, in a friendly and supportive community.Yoga is a system of self-instruction. We view connection with each other in this amazing adventure as a way to a deeper connection with ourselves, and everything we’ve done to help promote those connections. We achieve this through slow movements, relaxing music, and stillness. 

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